Bicycle ‘Quicksilver’ Playing Cards

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Bicycle Quicksilver Deck

Bicycle Quicksilver Deck

The Bicycle Quicksilver Playing Cards were designed by Russell W. Kercheval, creator of the Bicycle ‘Brimstone’ & ‘Americana’ decks. This was his third Kickstarter project which was successfully funded in September of 2012. The Kickstarter project itself incorporated silver embossed pack and metallic inks on the cards themselves.

If, however, like me you didn’t back the project at the time and you’re only buying the deck now, then there won’t be any embossing on the box or metallic ink on the cards, it’s more like a grey/white ink.

Despite this I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. It’s always great to have one of the original ‘first print’ run of any deck, but then you probably wouldn’t open the pack and you definitely wouldn’t be playing cards on a Saturday night when you’re babysitting your nephews and nieces with their sticky hands….!

Bicycle Quicksilver Flat Box

Bicycle Quicksilver Flat Box

Bicycle Quicksilver Reverse and Ace of Spades

Bicycle Quicksilver Reverse and Ace of Spades

The colours in the above pictures are of course very vibrant, as befitting publicity images. The scan below shows my own deck. Now I know that everyone’s screen resolutions are different, but to my eye the image below depicts a truer colour likeness of the cards. This is by no means a criticism – the cards are truly stunning – but if you’re expecting the electric blue of the above images then you’ll only end up disappointed.

Bicycle Quicksilver Playing Cards Deck

Bicycle Quicksilver Deck by Russell Kercheval

These cards still have the same great quality card stock that Bicycle are famous for, and coupled with the superb ‘magic finish’ you’ll find these cards a pleasure to handle.

Any magician or slight of hand artist would surely benefit from using this deck for any trick. There are 2 Jokers; I initially thought they were both the same (disappointing for me, a Joker collector, I always feel cheated when that happens…!) but on closer inspection one of the Jokers features a ‘reveal’, and 2 Gaff cards – one double backer and one ‘X’ card – The Executioner – which is great for magic tricks. There is also a very clever reveal hidden in the QR code on the box.

Overall I would definitely recommend this deck to any collector, magician, slight of hand artist or card buff. It was after getting this one that I decided to get Russell Kercheval’s original ‘Brimstone’ deck, which I will be reviewing separately.

Where to buy your deck of Bicycle Quicksilver Playing Cards:

Available from for $15.98 with FREE Continental US shipping – Click HERE 

Also, keep checking the likes of ebay for decks.

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    1. Jyl Post author

      That’s a very good question Sherry. I do love all the Alive in Wonderland playing card decks that are out there. I have one that has notches at the tops, bottoms and sides so you can literally make a house of cards from the deck. I must do a review of them….. :)


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