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Here I will be reviewing decks of playing cards. Some will be new releases, some will be from years gone by, but I’m sure you’ll find them all very interesting.

Once you have seen the vast array of styles that are available you won’t be stuck for choice. Whether you, like me, are interested in only collecting the jokers, or whether you simply collect cool playing cards, you’ll find plenty to whet your appetite.

There are many different playing card decks available to suit all tastes.

These days it’s not just the jokers, face (or court) cards and card backs that are miniature little works of art, but also the pip cards and the pips themselves. Designers from all over the world are creating decks of playing cards that collectors like you and me want and NEED to have.

Various ‘crowdfunding’ websites offer these designers the platform they need to showcase their designs and to also raise the cash needed to produce them. Kind of like an online Dragons Den. These decks are more often than not limited edition runs, so if you should buy your decks from these sites you’ll be getting something that in the future could be worth a lot of money.

I love all things playing card related, but I will try to keep my reviews objective. I will describe the decks as accurately as possible but I will also have my ‘tuppence worth’ to add.

Please click either on the drop-down menu under ‘Deck Reviews’ above, or click on the deck images below. Enjoy!!

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The Bicycle Excellence Deck by Elite Playing Cards

The Bicycle Excellence Deck by Elite Playing Cards

Bicycle Quicksilver Deck

Bicycle Quicksilver Deck

Bicycle 'Favole' Playing Cards by Victoria Francés

Bicycle ‘Favole’ Playing Cards by Victoria Francés

Karnival Inferno Deck

Karnival Inferno Deck

Bicycle Karnival Renegades Box

Bicycle Karnival Renegades Box


Pippoglyph Playing Cards King of Hearts

Pippoglyph Playing Cards











Requiem by Stockholm17 - Jokers

Requiem by Stockholm17

Bicycle Club Tattoo Courts and Ace of Spades

Bicycle Club Tattoo

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