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Bicycle Club Tattoo Ace of Hearts

Bicycle Club Tattoo Ace of Hearts
Deck designed by artists from the Club Tattoo Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada

In this section of my site I will be uploading photos and commenting on decks and jokers from my own collection.

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How I’ve collected my cards has changed significantly over the years. Originally, I bought decks just for the jokers because that was my main interest. Then I realised that a lot of decks also had very interesting court cards and sometimes even unusual pips; it was no longer the case that the rest of the cards in the deck were ‘samey’ and boring.

Some of my playing cards have been gifts from family and friends. It’s easy with me – when someone goes on holiday and they’re wanting to bring back a souvenir – all they have to get is a deck of cards from their destination and I’m happy. The problem with these decks is that they’re not usually built for ‘playing’ with. They’re most often made from cheap card stock, are invariably stuck together, and impossible to even try and shuffle. Don’t even mention the paper cuts they

Novel writing software without the learning curve.
Ace of Diamonds from the Bicycle Favole deck Designed by Victoria Francés

Ace of Diamonds from the Bicycle Favole deck
Designed by Victoria Francés

inflict! But they serve their purpose as a souvenir, and they’ll always have a place in my collection.

Other decks that I have are simply because they remind me of my childhood. Memories of cartoon characters,movies, TV ads, etc. Most of my cards though, heck, I just like them. You might not, other collectors might not. But I always think that if it appeals to me then that’s all that’s important. And, hey, I’ve usually been caught up in eBay bidding wars to buy these things so someone else MUST like them :)

These days I’m amazed at the artwork in decks. Absolutely amazed. Bicycle™ Playing Cards have the most fantastic decks available. It’s no longer the blue or red Rider Back designs. Just today I received a brand new deck of Quicksilver playing cards by Bicycle™. These cards will be the subject of my first ever review (see the Review tab in the menu bar above).

So I hope you enjoy the site. Please do feel free to leave comments on any page, or if you’d prefer please email me on

12 thoughts on “My Collection

  1. Michael

    Very good site, nice to see there is a specialized site just on playing cards. I pretty well use the cards for just playing and as much as I like to use them over again (except a fresh deck always on Poker nights) I had no idea in regards to collections and those that are collectors. Keep up the good work.


    1. Jyl Post author

      The great thing Michael, is that these days you can get great quality decks – for example Bicycle – for a few quid (or bucks, depending on your side of the pond) that can be used time and time again for poker nights, or solitaire or Snap! with the kids. But if you take that great quality and combine it with a fantastic designer, then you’ve got 54 miniature little works of art in your hands. Quite the talking point for a poker night :)

  2. Timothy MAhony(WA)


    I think you have designed a very unique website with a very unique niche.

    Very interesting website since most people have played with cards at one-time or another-you have displayed a wide variety of playing cards with some that are collector’s items it seems.

    Good blend of text and colors and images,-makes website very readable-like your headings which make the content on the site appealing and informative.

    Good start and good luck on your site-Lots of potential-I wish you
    the best on your site progress.



    1. Jyl Post author

      Thanks Tim, I appreciate your comments. There is a huge variety of playing card designs available these days which is great for collectors like me. It can only get better :)

  3. Terry


    I find it a bit interesting, and the cards reflects part of Mexican culture I was not aware, and the different uses of the cards. I really like the background design, it’s so appropriate for your site.

    1. Jyl Post author

      Thanks Terry. The background photo is a collage of cards from decks that I actually own – I did it myself. I’m rather pleased with it :)

  4. Rabbit

    Curious & intrigued….You have a wonderful collection here. Where do you find all these beautiful playing cards? They would make great gifts, and I would love to know some good places to find them.


    1. Jyl Post author

      All the decks on my site can be found on the internet. I’ve got some links to Amazon on my review pages. If you need help finding a particular deck just let me know. Thanks Rabbit :)

  5. Roamy

    Great site,card playing has always been a big thing in my family, i usually take cards when on a long train journeys.

    Im pleased that someone out there enjoys cards like i do.
    Once more thanks for great info and the love you show for cards and card games.
    Cheers Roamy

  6. Curt

    This is a great site. I can see your passion. I look forward to seeing this website grow and improve. Great job. I like the white background better. It is easier to read.


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