The Phenomenon that is

by Anyone who has read some of my social media posts will already know of my obsession with Kickstarter. I love it. I’ve described it as ‘an online Dragon’s Den’ but I was wrong – it’s waaay better than that. Why? Simply because the people looking for funding don’t have to sacrifice ANY of their […]

Medieval Playing Cards by EPC & Egor Klyuchnyk

by Based on the works of the great master Diego Velázquez, and hand-drawn to look like some of the very earliest styles of playing cards, ‘Medieval’ are the latest deck to come to you from Elephant Playing Cards, along with Egor Klyuchnyk of Anomaly World Studio fame. Previous EPC successes were the amazing Prism: Night, Pipmen, […]

Duel Playing Cards | Vanda Artists Series – Live on Kickstarter!!

by This 2D, Harlequin-esque, minimalist, basically-designed deck of playing cards is an absolute must-have for the serious collector. Or even the not so serious collector. Or for you, even. Look at it. It’s beautiful. What would YOU do differently……? Can’t think of anything? No wonder. Duel Playing Cards are live on Kickstarter right now and […]