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Gaelic Games Playing Cards by OneGaelic.

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by Jyl – 11th April 2024

This is a deck of fun, colourful, informative, and just simply amazing playing cards!

I am so happy to let you all know that after many, many, many years of collecting playing cards, and writing reviews on other designers’ decks, I have finally got round to designing a deck of playing cards of my own.

Gaelic Games Playing Cards does what it says on the tin (or tuck box if you’re fussy…). It’s a deck inspired by, and in honour of, the ancient sports of Ireland – Hurling, Camogie, Gaelic Football, and Ladies Gaelic Football.

Each suit represents a different sport, and I’ve taken the all-time 13 top performing Irish Counties in those and assigned them to a card. The Ace of each suit have been the most successful, having won more titles and being runners up in more finals.

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